Timer Project

This is my first nontrivial electronics project. The goal is to create a better kitchen timer; over the years we’ve had many break, and the model currently in use has an annoying UI and is usually too loud/raucous (leading to muffling it, then not hearing it when it goes off).

See the timer project section of my blog for updates.

Version 1

The first timer prototype was constructed in 2007 around a PIC PIC16F877 running the WLoader bootloader (which allows the chip to be programmed via a serial port with a very simple interface circuit) and mostly other parts I had around from previous dabbling.

The implemented features:

The prototype is still assembled essentially as depicted here and collecting dust.

Version 2

I haven't written this up in any detail yet. I switched to AVR from PIC, and to C from PIC assembly, and purchased a number of parts to give it better user interface. The input is a rotary encoder with push switch to set time and start/stop; and the display is a standard 2-line character LCD. The prototype currently (beginning to 2010-02-16) lives on an AVR STK500; I'm working on moving it off to a separate breadboard.

This version was started as a separate project in 2008 after acquiring the STK500, which someone else rescued from a trash bin without cables, and then purchasing parts for replacement cables, along with the rotary encoder and display.


See the electronics section of my blog. A list of some notable posts, not including the timer project, last updated 2010-02-17: