Kevin Reid


About me

I'm a geek, a programmer, a tinkerer.

I have done a little bit of a lot of stuff, some of which is cataloged on this site; there is far more that I haven't gotten around to publishing at all. For news and extra randomness see my blog.

I am interested in building tools for better computing: designing and implementing both programming platforms and user interface that reduce the day-to-day complexity of Dealing With Computers. Currently, my main interest is in building and promoting object-capability systems, which support cooperation without vulnerability; obtaining high security and reliability, yet not crippling applications or presenting the user with worthless “approve this?” dialogs. See e.g. E and Caja.

In less weighty matters, I also tinker with video games, simulations, and animated graphics.

As of July 2012 (updates...), I am starting my employment at Google, continuing work on the Caja project.

Contact info and me-elsewhere


Email me at

(You may see email from me from; while I will read mail sent to this address, I would prefer that you use my address.)

I used to be regularly on IRC but am not currently.

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kpreid (About my creations and server.)
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I am not currently on Facebook and have no plans to be. I am not the “kpreid” on Twitter, YouTube, or Etsy.