Here you will find several LEGO® Mindstorms™ robots as well as a few Technic constructions.

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The Mindstorms robots on this web site are programmed with Dave Baum's NQC compiler.

Images hosted by Brickshelf.

Bulldozer (larger image)

A very simple worm-drive tracked vehicle. The black parts at the bottom of the (full-size) picture were used to build a solid box around the worm gears.

This vehicle, with enough weight on it for traction, was capable of pushing one of my storage trays, fully loaded with Lego parts.

Compressor (more images)

Compressor for pneumatics. Designed to work with the high-speed (old) Technic motor.

Crazy Wheelbot (larger image)

I noticed that the large wheels were larger in diameter than the RCX. Therefore I built this. It has only two points of contact with the ground - the two wheels.

The only reason it can move anywhere is that the RCX is an unbalanced weight - it will tend to roll so that the batteries are on the bottom. Still, if the motors are turned on full power in the same direction, it will spin in place.

Wheelbot's NQC program

Detachable axle driver (larger image)

Here's a trick to attach a motor to an axle without gripping it (handy for e.g. spinning a top made out of Technic parts). It uses a captive worm gear, which is unique among Technic parts in not gripping the axle firmly.

Flywheel Launcher (more images)

Keywords: rapidly moving, flywheel, unpowered once launched, multiple motors, external power source, feet per second, noisy

Green Pile (larger image)

Nothing particularly significant about this, except that I built it out of all of the green parts included in a Mindstorms RIS 1.0 kit.

How I build (larger image)

Line Follower (more images)

Just a compact line-following/bumper bot.

Megabot (more images)

A vaguely defined project for large, sturdy, semi-modular robots with complex behavior. Last update: April 2001

Pneumatic Switch (more images)

A simple design for a motor-driven pneumatic switch.

Wind Generator (more images)

Produces electricity from airflow, inefficiently. Purists please either ignore the cereal-box cardboard or ignore this page. :)