I started playing Minecraft, a sandbox/adventure game, September 26, 2010. Minecraft posts on my blog. I am also somewhat active on Reddit r/Minecraft. See also my user page on Minecraft Wiki.

Table of contents:

My world

(Home sweet home.) (Cactus and flower farming.) (Mob tower and access routes.) (Rail hub station.)

My current world is available on a public server at mc.switchb.org. It is overwritten daily, so feel free to mess around and use all of the available resources. There are no server mods in use, and no commands available for players.

While I am the only person who actually plays it persistently, I have built the rail stations so that they are all multiplayer-capable. (However, not all of the rail tunnels support simultaneous travel in two directions.)

MCServerlist.net entry, with more info on the world.

These are some images of my first world (pre-Halloween 2010):

(A view from the observation tower.) (Inside a cave.) (Home sweet home.)

Other worlds

I have not yet found any multiplayer servers I like to play on; probably because I'm mainly interested in extensive planning on a whole landscape, with resource constraints. There was a list here of servers with interesting constructions and challenges, but it quickly became obsolete. Here are some server list sites:

This Minecraft Forum post lists “adventure maps” — worlds created by other players to present challenges which you download and play single-player. I haven't played many of them myself.


I play a relatively conservative game, so I don't carry a lot of emergency supplies, but I don't care for constantly running back to base. Here's what I carry all the time:

I keep all of these items in the lower rows of my inventory so that gathered items are separated in the upper portion.

The Wooden Planks allow me to construct crafting tables, handles for tools, and doors for safety. Some recommend carrying logs for the higher total amount of wood, but I find having an extra inventory slot available is useful and I rarely need that much wood (though I would probably find uses for it if I did).

I do not carry an axe regularly as I find it to not be worth the inventory slot, unless I'm doing some constructing or landscaping involving wood; wood harvesting is done inside my tree farm with its own supplies.

Mining and Caves

Mining patterns

My current favorite strategy for mining of diamond, redstone, gold, and lapis lazuli is to find the depth of lava pools, then dig long straight tunnels, spaced out every 3 blocks horizontally, just above that depth. Being at this depth maximizes the valuable ores, while avoiding having to dig around lava. There is also the possibility of exploring caves, but caves at this depth are often either cut off by lava pools, or so open and complex that there is a large risk of ambush.

For iron, I find that exploring caves at any depth is quite sufficient.

Reddit user dumptruckman suggests not digging systematic tunnels, but rather fully excavating every region of dirt one comes across, because shovels are cheaper and digging dirt is faster (and also exploring caves). However, the dirt itself never contains anything valuable, so I suspect this is not actually that useful.


See also my playlist on YouTube for mechanism designs (not mine).


Tips for understanding the behavior of redstone:



All material here was obsoleted by the glitch-booster fix in Minecraft 1.6. TODO: update this with powered-rail designs.


TODO: Update this with powered-rail designs.

Spawner traps

Very simple mob spawner trap: place a cactus block on top of a sand block next to a water stream out of the room around the spawner. (Context). My own version is a 5x5x5 room around the spawner, with a water source in one diagonal corner with a couple blocks to spill over (and another couple in the other corners, but I don't think they were necessary), a cactus block (on top of a sand block, standing out of the water, so that it doesn't destroy the drops) forming the end of the wall next to the water flow exit, and a dinky little room with a door (just in case of wandering monsters or spawned ones outside of the trap) around the exit to wait in. I have used this design successfully against skeletons and spiders.


Builds, Scenery & Videos

See also my playlist on YouTube for build videos.

Texture packs

These texture packs I particularly like:

Other texture packs in my collection:

R.I.P. (no longer kept up to date):


Web-based tools for your Minecraft world: