Virtual Worlds / Muds


is my mud client for Mac OS X. It has its own web site.

Where I am

I have the name "Marn" (or #5029) on Waterpoint.

I have the name "Graph Weymann" on Second Life.

I have the name "kpreid" in Minecraft. I'm also currently running a Minecraft Alpha server with a copy of my single-player world; the server address is The world is overwritten daily, so feel free to mess around.



Den: A peer-to-peer mud system implemented in E.

Status: Want to get back to it someday.

2003 - USP

The “Unnamed Server Project”: a Cold-based system that does not yet have any mud features, but has some potentially interesting infrastructure, including a WebDAV-supporting web server with object browsing/editing, a unified web/telnet output formatting system (including text-mode tables!), nested input modes, and an unusually flexible permissions system (NOT a capability system).

I wrote an article on it for the defunct Agora virtual world design wiki.

Status: No longer being worked on, but I want to put the server up again so it can be studied.

2000-2001 - mpMUD

An old project (2000-2001), started when I was very new to muds.

mpMUD is a mud server implemented in Perl 5, with four versions, starting as a Diku/Circle imitation and diverging. It is capable of running under MacPerl.

Some of the ideas in USP originated in mpMUD.

The complete source code, notes, test world data, and logs are available (in three formats, because there are some MacPerl droplets, which store their code in the resource fork (though I have copied the code to text files as well)):

Version 3 is the latest working one; version 4 was never completed.

Status: Historical.


I have also made attempts at implementing muds in Python and Haskell. I’ll provide details if interest is expressed.