Doodling in 2001

A bit of context: At the time, I had a subscription to MacAddict magazine. One month the feature article was "Create your own music!", and the CD included a trial or free copy (I forget which) of Melody Assistant. Despite my near-complete lack of understanding or experience, I managed to produce something not significantly worse than silence. Since then, I haven't gotten around to doing anything more; I doodled a little bit with Apple GarageBand but didn't produce anything interesting.

Date MP3 Original
2001-07-04 Advance .mus
2001-08-15 Relation .mus
2001-08-16 Something .mus
2001-09-10 Similarity .mus
2001-11-27 Modify .mus
2001-12-15 Thicket .mus

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keith [to Marn]: I have a suggestion for you
keith [to Marn]: for the LOVE OF GOD get samples


“Uh, it's like video-game music.”

— musically-inclined relative