Kevin Reid


About me

I'm a geek, a programmer, a tinkerer.

I have done a little bit of a lot of stuff, some of which is cataloged on this site; there is far more that I haven't gotten around to publishing at all. For news and extra randomness see my occasionally-updated blog.

I am interested in building tools for better computing: designing and implementing both programming platforms and user interface that reduce the day-to-day complexity of Dealing With Computers. My specific angle on this is building and promoting object-capability systems, which support cooperation without vulnerability; obtaining high security and reliability, yet not crippling applications or presenting the user with worthless “approve this?” dialogs. See e.g. E, Sandstorm.

In less weighty matters, I also tinker with video games, simulations, and animated graphics. Lately I've been expanding into amateur radio, DSP and audio, and 3D printing, but I've also not gotten around to publishing as much.

I currently (2018) work for Google on Google Earth Engine.

Contact info and me-elsewhere


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(You may see email from me from; while I will read mail sent to this address, I would prefer that you use my address.)

I used to be regularly on IRC but am not currently.

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I am not currently on Facebook and have no plans to be. I am not the “kpreid” on Twitter, YouTube, Thingiverse, or Etsy.