Mac OS X Screen Savers

GLToy 1.1.1

Miscellaneous OpenGL-based effects with transitions. Highly randomized. Slightly interactive (press I for help).

Kevin's Fireworks 1.0.3

Unrealistic, but carefully-designed pseudofireworks. It is excessively configurable, having 67 (at last count) sliders. Best enjoyed in a dark room on a CRT.

Kevin's World 0.1

A work in progress.

The basic idea is that there is a grid with various terrain types (which is incrementally modified), and various “mobiles” wander about it. The terrains so far are ground, mountain/wall, water, and bridge. The mobiles are bouncing rollers, edge followers, and fish.

The camera picks several mobiles (usually two) and keeps them in view, choosing different ones after a while, or if the group wanders too far apart.

For more information, see this blog entry.