o Kevin Reid: LEGO: Megabot: 2000-09-15

Megabot - September 15, 2000

Report written April 9, 2001

Whew. Sorry for putting up this report half a year late, but I've been distracted.

Well, I got bored with the Megabot, and decided I wanted to build other things. So, I took it apart, taking pictures along the way. Here you can see how it all fits together.

There are actually a lot more pictures than you see here, but I don't have enough space on the site to fit them all. E-mail me (see links on main page) if you want to see more details.

All Components

Well, here's all the pieces of the Megabot, disassembled.


Notice the new caster, replacing the skid plate. It allows the Megabot to go over larger bumps.



The double-pump compressor and pressure switch.


I put on the right claw just so it'd look more symmetrical.

Left Side Skew

Here's a good look at the pneumatic switch and wheel gearing. Also see the purple gear-guard.

Pneumatics Removed

Right Claw Detached


Upper Frame Braces Removed

The frame has been pretty much stripped down now; all of the electric and pneumatic components are gone except for the wheel module sensors and motors.

Wheel Module

This is what started it all - the wheel module. This is the first part of the Megabot I constructed; at that point, I had no idea how it would look when it was complete.

NQC program: Megabot.nqc, 2wd.nqh, and pswitch.nqh.