Kevin Reid's Projects

Software/Digital Projects

Name ConditionActivity Description Status as of Dates of work
Apple IIGS SHR image decoder Complete Decompressing and converting Apple IIGS SHR image files. 2010-06-02 2005-10
Blockage Sketchy, unreleasedidle Mac OS X screen saver which piles blocks in front of your windows. 2010-06-02 2006-02 to 2006-03
Bouncyworm Complete A SVG animation. 2010-06-02 2003-06-13
Brownian Tree Complete A JavaScript/<canvas> based simulator of the Brownian tree, or diffusion-limited aggregation. 2010-06-04 2010-04
Caja-CapTP Half-finishedDead A distributed object-capability system on the Caja platform, based on the CapTP protocol. 2014-01-05 2009-04-21 to 2009-08-23
Cubes Running well, few featuresWould like to get back to it Block-based WebGL game engine where the blocks are made out of blocks and programmed with blocks. 2014-01-05 2011-09-06 to 2013-07-26
deLojbanKit Partialidle Don't recall whether it's published. Project to interpret Lojban as a syntax for E data structures. 2010-06-04 2006-11
Den Partialdead A distributed MUD (virtual world) prototype written in E. 2010-06-04 2004-02 to 2007-03-10
E on Common Lisp UnpolishedWorking on E-on-Java instead Implementation of the E programming language. 2010-06-04 2005-04-04 to 2010-05-10
E on Haskell Sketchyidle Implementation of the E programming language. 2010-06-04 2006
E on JavaScript Somewhat usefulidle Implementation of the E programming language. 2010-06-04 2008-11-28 to 2009-08-17
E on Objective-C Unpublished draftidle Implementation of the E programming language. 2010-06-04 2007-2008
E on Self Prototypeidle Implementation of the E programming language. Unpublished. 2010-06-04 2006
E Surprise List Subsumed Some notes on surprising aspects of the E programming language. Has now become part of the E documentation wiki; is not a distinct project. 2011-09-12 ?
E-Benchmark Useful, readily improvableidle E program for benchmarking E implementations. 2010-06-04 2005-04-04 to 2010-05-10
E-Modules sketchyWant to get back to it 2010-06-04 2006 to 2007
E-AUI Prototypeidle User interface framework for E based on views directly corresponding to objects; borrows ideas from Self and CLIM. 2010-06-04 2006 to 2007
E-XML PrototypeShould be working on it E library for working with XML. 2010-06-04 2010
e-murepl (a.k.a. eel or runebot) Rewritten, not yet feature completeidle Provides an interactive evaluator (REPL) for E over IRC, HTTP, and possibly other formats. Was in the middle of being rewritten (under the name "murepl", multi-user REPL) for extensibility and reliability. 2018-06-28 2004 (eel), 2011 (murepl)
Footprints Unreleased prototypesidle OpenGL 3D game prototype. Using ODE physics engine. 2010-06-04 2002 to 2003
GLToy, GLToyJS decentidle Screen saver for Mac OS X based on the concept of producing interesting results from simple algorithms and rendering with randomized parameters. Currently being reimplemented using WebGL. 2014-01-05 2005-2006 (original GLToy), 2012 (GLToyJS)
Graph-Pipe Barely implemented idea, unpublishedidle A set of command-line tools for operations on and interactive visualizations of real-time graph-structured data. 2010-06-04 2006-09 to 2006-10
GraphLife Complete Cellular automaton implementation in Haskell with a unique data structure. 2010-06-04 2007-08
haskell-dynamic Prototype, unpublishedidle A Haskell interpreter which performs type checking during execution rather than as a single pass. 2010-06-04 2006 to 2007
Hvm.hs Complete A golfed implementation of Hack VM in Haskell. Almost fits in one IRC line. 2010-06-04 2008-06-15
Hyperbolic Forum Barely implemented idea, unpublishedidle A UI experiment in presenting threaded messages; rather than indented replies or a two-pane tree-and-message view, the direct replies to each message divide up the space below it, and so on, and the layout shifts to give more room to near neighbors as the user navigates the thread tree, much like hyperbolic graph viewers. This concept may become integrated into the þreader project. 2011-09-12 2010-03-30 to 2010-04-10
JavaScript 15-puzzle CompletePondering 15-puzzle implemented in JavaScript.

A possible project would be to convert this into a Caja gadget.

2010-06-04 2003-08
jbokaj Incompleteidle Calculator with input and output in Lojban. 2010-06-04 2004 to 2005
kEIO staleidle Implementation of the EIO component of E. 2010-06-04 2006 to 2007
Kevin's Fireworks Works well but improvable.idle Screen saver for Mac OS X. Highly configurable fireworks. 2010-06-04 2002 to 2006
Kevin's World usablepondering Screen saver for Mac OS X. Top-down view of a tiled world (land, water, bridge, wall/mountain), simple creatures moving around in it. 2010-06-04 2010-11 to 2007-05
kRDF sketchyidle RDF library for E. 2010-06-04 2004 to 2007
Linkage decentidle SVG animation toy, with adjustable parameters. 2010-06-04 2004
MacPerl demos n/aidle GUI demos, games, and applications written for MacPerl on Mac OS ≤9. 2010-06-04 1999 to 2000
mergesvn usableidle Tool to use Mac OS X FileMerge to resolve Subversion conflicts. 2010-06-04 2005 to 2009
microrpn complete RPN calculator; very small C source code. 2010-06-04 2002-07
Mouse-Maze Complete Web browser game, using exclusively CSS hover effects and no scripting. 2010-06-04 2004
mpMUD partialdead Mud server written in Perl. 2010-06-04 2000 to 2001
MudWalker Released, in use, decentidle Mud client for Mac OS X, written in Objective-C/Cocoa. MCP, TWin, ANSI color, triggers, scripting, hyperlinks, plugins. 2010-06-04 2002-01 to 2007-02
Music n/aidle Aural scribbles. 2010-06-04 2001
NeoTracker Patch Complete User interface tweak for the Avara MicroTracker, adding Mac OS 9 appearance and a more compact layout. 2010-06-04 2000
Net Levels II sketchydead Avara level set. 2010-06-04 1999
norsmu Works, resource hogidle Lojban random sentence generator and IRC bot. Written in E. 2010-06-04 2005 to 2007
Oddities Complete Avara level set. 2010-06-04 2010
An Idiosyncratic Guide to LaTeX incompleteToo busy with other projects A tutorial for, and miscellaneous notes about, LaTeX. 2011-02-03 2011-01
pipermail2rss usableidle Web service to generate a RSS feed from Pipermail/Hypermail mailing list archive pages. 2010-06-04 2006-07 mostly completeidle Python module to read and write Mac OS X XML property lists. 2010-06-04 2006-07
POV-Ray miscellaneous n/aidle 2010-06-04 2000 to 2004
Quines collection n/an/a 2010-06-04 2006 to 2009
ShinySDR Works, rough UI edges & missing featurescurrent Software-defined radio receiver application built on GNU Radio with a web-based UI and plugins. 2014-01-05 2013-05-19 to 2014-01-05
Smartwheel complete 2010-06-04 2004-03-04
swhacker usable, unpublishedidle 2010-06-04 2005 to 2009
SVG examples n/aidle 2010-06-04 2003 to 2004
Stretchy Status Bar UI sketch Complete A stray user interface concept for touchscreen devices. 2010-06-04 2010-04
Teddybot Complete, unpublishedidle “An IRC bot designed to help you solve problems.” An implementation of the specification by John Cowan. Not currently running anywhere. 2010-06-04 2004-11 to 2007-06
Tile Game Playable, room for improvementidle 3-dimensional tile-based puzzle game, playable as a web page. 2011-02-06 2010-04 to 2011-02
Timeline UI Complete prototypeidle User interface experiment: multiple mini-apps combined into a single timeline view. (This instantiation of the underlying idea is a class project; it might later be reimplemented as part of E-AUI, above.) 2012-02-18 2009-12-08 to 2009-12-10
Unnamed Server Project unnamed and half-bakedDevelopment dead, want to publish source A mud core written for the Cold server. 2010-06-04 2003
warshall-visualizer Prototype, unreleasedidle A graphical visualization of Warshall's algorithm for transitive closure. Based on Graph-Pipe code (see above in this list); ought to be rewritten to instead just use Graph-Pipe. 2010-06-04 2009-10
WireWorld retrieval Complete 2010-06-04 2005
þreader In designActive Web application for thread-aware reading of discussions on the web (such as via feeds (Atom, RSS) or screen-scraping) which have explicit or implicit thread structure. Being worked on for course credit in Fall 2011. 2011-09-12 2011-08

Hardware Projects

Name ConditionActivity Description Status as of Dates of work
Compressor Complete LEGO air compressor design for the high-speed 9v motor. 2010-06-02 2003-06-13
Crazy Wheelbot Complete Two-wheels-and-nothing-else LEGO Mindstorms robot. 2010-06-02 2000-09-18
Flywheel launcher Complete LEGO 2010-06-04 2000
Megabot n/aprobably dead LEGO 2010-06-04 2000 to 2001
Pneumatic switch Complete LEGO 2010-06-04 2000 to 2003
Timer Prototype Abandoned Electronics project, see link 2018-06-28 2007 to 2010
Relay Controller Complete; future improvements possible Arduino-based computer interface peripheral for up to three latching relays. 2018-06-28 2017
3D printing miscellany Ongoing I have been designing many various household and decorative objects for 3D printing. This entry is intended to summarize them; see my Thingiverse account for a hopefully fairly complete list. 2018-06-28 2018–